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Nashboard: a Nostr network dashboard

nashboard screenshot


Nostr, as described on its docs: "The simplest open protocol that is able to create a censorship-resistant global 'social' network once and for all." nashboard attemps to provide statistics of the entire Nostr network.

nashboard can be accessed at For more information on Nostr:

If you'd like to add your relay, add a line on src/lib/relays.ts, then submit a PR. Relay must have an alias. Alias is useful for for per-relay stats, which can be accessed at${relayAlias}. Here's an example of per-relay stats: It provides statistics of a single individual relay - in this case, the Damus relay - instead of the entire Nostr network.

The aliases include wellorder, damus, minds, oxtr,, and many more. To view stats of wellorder, head to, to view stats of, head to, to view stats of minds... you get the idea. To view all the aliases, check out src/lib/relays.ts.

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