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Enjoy Twitch on your GNU/Linux desktop
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GNOME Twitch

Enjoy Twitch on your GNU/Linux desktop.



  • meson >= 0.36.0 (install only)
  • ninja (install only)
  • gtk+-3.0 >= 3.20
  • libsoup
  • json-glib
  • webkit2gtk or webkitgtk with -Duse-deprecated-webkit=true flag

Player backend - GStreamer Cairo & GStreamer OpenGL

  • gstreamer-1.0
  • gst-libav
  • gst-plugins-base
  • gst-plugins-good
  • gst-plugins-bad

Player backend - GStreamer Clutter

Same as above plus:

  • clutter-gst-3.0
  • clutter-gtk-1.0

Player backend - MPV OpenGL

  • mpv

From source

meson build
sudo ninja -C build install

Install player backends

Root install

meson build \
    -Dbuild-executable=false \
sudo ninja -C build install

Note: ${PLAYER_BACKENDS_YOU_WANT} should be replaced with a comma separated list of gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl, for example -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-cairo,mpv-opengl

Local install

meson build --prefix=$HOME/.local --libdir=share \
    -Dbuild-executable=false \
ninja -C build install


To install extra backends, please refer to either instructions above or checkout the wiki page for details on which packages to install for the common distros.


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