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Signed-off-by: Cole Robinson <>
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Basic Install

For starters, if you just want to run virt-manager/virt-install to test out changes, it can be done from the source directory:


For more details on that, see

To install the software into /usr/local (usually), you can do:

./ install

To build an RPM, you can run:

./ rpm generally has all the build and install commands, for more info see:

Pre-requisite software

A detailed dependency list can be found in virt-manager.spec file.

Minimum version requirements of major components:

  • gettext >= 0.19.6
  • python >= 3.4
  • gtk3 >= 3.22
  • libvirt-python >= 0.6.0
  • pygobject3 >= 3.31.3
  • libosinfo >= 0.2.10
  • gtksourceview >= 3

On Debian or Ubuntu based distributions, you need to install the gobject-introspection bindings for some dependencies like libvirt-glib and libosinfo. Look for package names that start with 'gir', for example gir1.2-libosinfo-1.0.

Optional software

virt-manager can optionally use libguestfs for inspecting the guests. For this, python-libguestfs >= 1.22 is needed.