Desktop tool for managing virtual machines via libvirt
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Virtual Machine Manager

This application provides a graphical tool for managing virtual machines via the libvirt library.

The front end of the application uses the GTK / Glade libraries for all user interaction components. The back end uses libvirt for managing Qemu/KVM and Xen virtual machines, as well as LXC containers. The UI is primarily tested with KVM, but is intended to be reasonably portable to any virtualization backend libvirt supports.

For dependency info and installation instructions, see the INSTALL file.


  • All comments / suggestions / patches should be directed to the virt-tools-list mailing list.
  • For IRC we use #virt on OFTC.
  • For bug reporting info, see BugReporting.
  • There are further project details on the virt-manager website.
  • See the HACKING file for info about submitting patches or contributing translations.