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Auto-follows users who tweet particular keywords
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The twitter search follow bot:
 * Searches twitter public timeline for configurable keywords
 * Can restrict those users to a particular location too, and,
 * Follows users who tweet with those keywords

Changes in this version:
 * Use search rather than public timeline fetch directly.
 * Much more effective, finds a lot more users!
 * New configuration
 * Now only need to run every 30 minutes rather than every other minute!

sudo gem install jnunemaker-twitter --source=


config.yml should be self explanatory.

You can monitor specific keywords from users within a particular lat/long radius. 

It's meant to be run as a cron and is not a daemon. Run every thirty minutes or so.

To run:
 ruby -rubygems search-follow-bot.rb

  All code is Copyright (C) Vishnu Gopal. 2009.
  This is placed in the Public Domain. Do what you will.
Vishnu Gopal. May 2009.
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