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WeatherApi and Weather Data

The Visual Crossing Weather API provides developers with weather data for any programming language or script. The Weather API provides instant and scalable access to both historical weather reports and forecast data in an easy to use JSON or text format. See for more information and additional documentation, sample code and use cases.

To sign up for a free account to view, download weather data and build weather API queries, see

Documentation for the Weather API can be found at The documentation of the available data weather elements and their values can be found at

Weather data is sourced from Visual Crossing Weather Data (see

Samples contents:

d3_samples: D3 ( visualization framework samples (within a HTML/Javascript environment).

html_samples: HTML and Javascript based examples of using the Weather APIs.

python_samples: Examples of using Weather API within Python scripts

Excel_Workbooks: Examples of using Weather Data within Microsoft Excel workbooks.

PHP: Examples of using Weather API within PHP scripts

NodeJs: Examples of using Weather API within Node.js scripts

Java: Examples of using Weather API within Java applications.

JavaScript: Examples of using Weather API within JavaScript applications (also see our Node.js and d3 examples).

PowerQuery: Examples of using Weather API in Microsoft PowerQuery scripts (within Excel, PowerBI etc).

RaspberryPi: Examples of using Weather API in Raspberry PI.


Sample code and tutorials for the Visual Crossing Weather API. Retrieve historical weather and weather forecast data.




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