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vitasdk code samples


In order to build a vita sample, you need to add the toolchain bin/ directory to your $PATH.


Every samples directory should include a CMake list. To build a sample, place yourself into this directory and use the cmake . && make command to build it.


To run a sample:

  • Send the generated .vpk to your vita:
    • Start an FTP server on your vita (for example, with VitaShell - by pressing the select button).
    • Upload the .vpk to the Vita using your FTP client (for example, with Curl - with curl -T *.vpk ftp://YOUR_VITA_IP:1337/ux0:/)
    • If Curl returns fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything it mean that you are trying to overwrite a folder with a file. Add a / to the end of your url to explain that you want to upload IN this folder.
  • Install the .vpk on your vita using a vpk installer (for example, with VitaShell - by pressing the X button on the .vpk)
  • This will create a new folder in the ux0:/app/ for the sample.

Building everything

Use the following command to build every samples:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

List of samples

name titleid description
audio VSDK00001 Simple audio wave generator.
camera VSDK00002 Demonstration of camera features.
ctrl VSDK00003 A minimal controller (button) sample.
debug_print VSDK00004 A minimal debug print sample.
debugscreen VSDK00005 Debug text printing sample.
hello_cpp_world VSDK00006 A minimal hello world sample in C++.
hello_world VSDK00007 A minimal hello world sample.
ime VSDK00008 Graphical dialog sample.
microphone VSDK00009 Demonstration of microphone features.
motion VSDK00010 Prints accelerometer data.
net_http_bsd VSDK00011 A minimal HTTP download sample using BSD sockets.
net_http VSDK00012 A minimal HTTP download sample.
net_libcurl VSDK00013 A libcurl download sample.
power VSDK00014 A minimal power sample.
pretty_livearea VSDK00015 A minimal hello world sample with example livearea styling and features.
rtc VSDK00016 A minimal RTC sample.
redrectangle VSDK00017 Example SDL rendering.
socket_ping VSDK00018 ICMP ping using raw sockets.
touch VSDK00019 A minimal touch sample.
prx_loader VSDK00020 Load/list prx modules.
newlib_heapsize_ctrl VSDK00021 newlib's global heap size control example.
json VSDK00022 json parsing example.
net_https VSDK00023 https access example.
soloud VSDK01337 Plays an audio file and Text To Speech.
common - Common functions for samples.
prx_simple - Minimal sample prx module.
stdio_test - The prx format based stdio testing code.
basic_program - Example of a program with possible variables that make part of the process programmable.
kernel_sample - kernel module example.

Notes on images

  • Images shall use indexed palettes (PNG-8 128 Dithered).
  • The size of an image shall not exceed 420KB.
  • For some reasons, some PNG files created by GIMP makes the .vpk installation crash.
  • You can further minimize overhead by running your images through pngquant.

Notes on supporting files and folders

  • File names shall not exceed 32B.
  • Directory names shall not exceed 16B.
  • Folder creation shall not exceed one level.

Notes on XML

  • UTF-8 character encoding, CRLF line termination.
  • File size shall not exceed 32KB.
  • Different visual styles are available, check the sample pretty_livearea for an example.


All code and build scripts in this repo is licensed under the terms of CC0 1.0 Universal.