Official Go implementation of the Vite protocol
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What is Vite?

Vite is a next-generation Reactive Blockchain that adopts a message-driven, asynchronous architecture and a DAG-based ledger. The goal for Vite’s design is to provide a reliable public platform for industrial dApps, with features of ultra-high throughput and scalability.

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  1. Install Go
  2. Run go get in your terminal, then you will find the source code here: $GOPATH/src/ (as default, $GOPATH is ~/go)
  3. Go to the source code directory and run make all, you will get executable files of darwin, linux, windows here: $GOPATH/src/
  4. Run the appropriate binary file on your OS.


As default, Vite will give a default config. but you can set your config use two way as following.


key type default meaning
name string "vite-server" the server name, use for log
maxpeers number 50 the maximum number of peers can be connected
addr string "" will be listen by vite
dir string "~/viteisbest" the directory in which vite will store all files (like log, ledger)
netid number 2 the network vite will connect, default 2 means TestNet
priv string "" the hex code string of ed25519 privateKey


we can also use config file vite.config.json to set Config. for example:

    "P2P": {
        "Name":                 "vite-server",
        "PrivateKey":           "",
        "MaxPeers":             100,
        "Addr":                 "",
        "NetID":                2
    "DataDir": ""

vite.config.json should be in the same directory of vite.