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ViUR Vi Build Status

Vi is a web-based administration client for ViUR-applications.


Vi (pronounced as "whee!", and standing as an acronym for visual interface), is a platform-independent HTML5-web-app providing a powerful on-line administration interface for applications implemented using the ViUR framework.

Vi is written in Python and must be compiled into JavaScript using the PyJS transpiler. It was tested and runs well with the latest versions of Chrome (Chromium), Firefox and Safari. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer >= 9 should also run it suitable as well.

Pre-compiled and pre-packaged versions of the Vi can be obtained on the official ViUR website.


The compiled web-app has to be put in a directory vi/ within the ViUR application directory. The name of the directory can diverge when expressed so within the applications' app.yaml file.

Please check out the ViUR documentation to get more information.


This software is implemented on top of the PyJS framework and uses the html5 library to create DOM objects and the logics expression language to serve for customized run-time condition evaluations. The html5 library and logics are also part of the ViUR open source project.

To build Vi on your own, PyJS and {less} is required.


Because Vi provides the ability to get easily customized and extended, this repository contains a simple Makefile for GNU make to get all compilation tasks and dependencies done.

By default, it builds into a directory called vi within the source root directory. In an advanced setup (project based setup), it builds into the folder ../appengine/vi or ../deploy/vi, up one level of the working directory, which makes it suitable to use this repository as a submodule of an entire applications source repository. This configuration is used in the ViUR base project.

After checking out Vi, simply move into the working directory and type:

$ make

to create a deploy-able and speed-optimized version, run

$ make deploy

to remove all generated files and rebuild from scratch, type

$ make clean
$ make


We take a great interest in your opinion about ViUR. We appreciate your feedback and are looking forward to hear about your ideas. Share your visions or questions with us and participate in ongoing discussions.


ViUR is developed and maintained by Mausbrand Informationssysteme GmbH, from Dortmund in Germany. We are a software company consisting of young, enthusiastic software developers, designers and social media experts, working on exciting projects for different kinds of customers. All of our newer projects are implemented with ViUR, from tiny web-pages to huge company intranets with hundreds of users.

Help of any kind to extend and improve or enhance this project in any kind or way is always appreciated.


Copyright (C) 2012-2018 by Mausbrand Informationssysteme GmbH.

Mausbrand and ViUR are registered trademarks of Mausbrand Informationssysteme GmbH.

You may use, modify and distribute this software under the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). See the file LICENSE provided within this package for more information.