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Olaf is a simple static site generator written on Python. You can run dynamic blog locally and freeze it as static pages which can be hosted anywhere including Github.

Demo blog


  • Markdown support
  • Content types (Posts and pages)
  • Custom content slug
  • Custom home page
  • Tags and Archives list
  • Synatx highlighting
  • Disqus comments
  • XML sitemap
  • Atom feed
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Custom themes
  • Commandline tool for content creation
  • Host it on Github

Get started

  1. Install from pip

    pip install getolaf
  2. Create a blog

    olaf createsite myblog
  3. Change directory to myblog and Run dev server

    olaf run --port 3000
  4. Freeze the current version

    olaf freeze
  5. Create content via Commandline

    olaf create

Contents are stored as a markdown formatted files in _contents folder. Markdown files can be directly edited to modify existing contents.

What to do next

You can edit site settings such as title, description etc from file.

Features in pipeline

  • Ghost/WordPress like GUI content creator/editor
  • Admin tools
  • Themes ecosystem
  • Migration tools for popular blog such as WordPress
  • PDF Generator (Publish entire site as a ebook)