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Load Tests
Regression Tests


QA Testing Case Kata

QA Engineer assignment

Please access the following sample application - http://computer-database.herokuapp.com/computers

  • Create a series of manual test cases that cover the CRUD operation plus the edge cases. Make sure you give detailed instructions for each test case (pre conditions, steps, expected results). You can use any format you want.
  • Write scripts that would automate the manual test cases that you see fit to be included in a regression test set. Please use any of below programming languages:
    • Javascript (preferred)
    • Java (preferred)
    • Python
    • Ruby

(Please avoid frameworks that only record test cases.)

  • When the assessment is completed, please push the file containing the manual test cases and the automation project to GitHub.


  • TestCases.ods workbook contains two work sheets, Test Cases and Bugs.
  • Regressions Tests folder contains scripts to automate test cases which would be included in a regression test set.
  • Load Tests folder contains .yml files to test GET requests to the home page and POST requests to add a new computer. Each load test creates 20 virtual users every second for 60 second.

Regression Tests are written in Javascript using protractor.

Please refer to README.md within Regression Tests folder for information how to run the regression automated tests. Please refer to README.md within Load Tests folder for information how to run the load tests.