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A solution that enables Unreal Engine 4 to work with Google gRPC services from either C++ or Blueprints.
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Vizor Infraworld

License Maintainability

Welcome to the Infraworld source code!

Infraworld is a solution that enables Unreal Engine 4 to work with Google gRPC services using either C++ or Blueprints.

Infraworld is a fast, robust and cross platform. It fits any stage of development: either prototyping or production. Saving a tons of your team's time, you need to write your gRPC wrappers by hand no more. A special converter utility will do it for you, producing high quality, debuggable and multi-threaded code, gaining lowest possible overhead to your game logic thread. You may also work with either generated or shipped with gRPC C functions and C++ classes in your own way, even completely ignoring runtime classes, since the InfraworldRuntime adds all required headers and wires all required libraries.

Also, you may want to use a protobuild utility to automate cross-language gRPC wrapper generation.

Getting started

Building gRPC support

At the first step, you need to build gRPC runtime libraries. Just run for Linux, Setup.bat for Windows or Setup.command for macOS (please don't use on macOS, because Linux and macOS build pipelines are completely different!). OR you may want to use our sweet pre-compiled binaries to avoid manual building and save our planet from carbon emission disaster! The runtime uses gRPC branch v1.23.x.

  • For Windows, we recommend you to use chocolatey to install packages into your system. Note that you do need all these programs in your system's PATH (See how to edit PATH on Windows):
  • For any distribution of Linux and for macOS systems you need (use apt, pacman, emerge or any other package manager to install this software):
    • git
    • automake, autoconf and libtool
    • make
    • strip
    • go
    • Unreal Engine 4.22 installed, additionally you need to export UE_ROOT=/path/to/root/ue4/directory, because you need UE4 to build GRPC for linux.
  • For macOS (use homebrew or macports to install this software):
    • git
    • xCode 10.0+
    • go

Note that required programs for Linux and MacOS systems are being checked in run-time.

Then you may (or may not) import GrpcIncludes and GrpcLibraries folders into your VCS, but you need to build them manually at least one time for each platform. The build process requires an access to the Internet.

Installing the plugin

Just copy the resulting folder into the your project’s Plugins folder (create it if you don’t have one). Then, after that project is being opened, a dialog box, telling that the plugin is need to be compiled should appear. Then confirm the dialog by clicking Yes.

Building and the converter

Please take a look at the infraworld-cornerstone documentation for details.

Using generated code.

Please take a look at the example project for tutorial.

Running the example project

You should copy built plugin's folder into InfraworldRuntimeExample/Plugins folder. Then just open InfraworldDemo.uproject. Server code is in DemoServer folder. You are required to install dependencies using pip and requirements.txt file. For more details please check our InfraworldExample repository


Since the plugin itself is an open source software, you may want to debug it or add some extra functionality. Since it is distributed as an Unreal Engine plugin, you can add it into your own game and then generate Visual Studio solution, XCode project or CMakeLists. Use Development or DebugGame run configuration!


Please feel free to report known bugs, propose new features and improve tests using Github's pull request system. Please do not add either build libraries for an any platform or header files into your commits. Thank you very much for contributing into free software.


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