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Simple util for Android and iOS native crashes desymbolication
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tracetool is a tiny tool that makes easier process of desymbolication Android and iOS crash reports.


To install tracetool, use the following command:

$ gem install tracetool

Alternatively, if you've checked the source out directly, you can call

rake gem:install

from the root project directory.


tracetool Command-line Tool

tracetool accepts trace content through STDIN or from file. Tool configuration is passed through command line arguments. Android and iOS modes are assuming certain symbols layout.

Unpacking Android Native Traces

You need ndk-stack in your PATH to use this feature. See Android NDK | ndk-stack for more information.

To process native Android stack trace you need to pass following CLI arguments:

  • --platform android - switch to Android mode
  • --symbols %path% - specify compilation symbols location. You need to specify path to local/%abi% directory rest of the path will be evaluated. If no --symbols argument passed current directory assumed to be compilation symbols location.
  • --arch - valid Android architecture. This value is added to path.
Supported formats

In Android mode tracetool supports several formats. Main purpose here is to automatically generate well-formed stack trace and pass it to ndk-stack

  • Plain logcat trace:
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Build fingerprint: UNKNOWN
pid: 0, tid: 0
signal 0 (UNKNOWN)
       #00  pc 0000841e  /data/local/ndk-tests/crasher
       #01  pc 000083fe  /data/local/ndk-tests/crasher
       #02  pc 000083f6  /data/local/ndk-tests/crasher
       #03  pc 000191ac  /system/lib/
       #04  pc 000083ea  /data/local/ndk-tests/crasher
       #05  pc 00008458  /data/local/ndk-tests/crasher
       #06  pc 0000d362  /system/lib/
  • Striped trace from Google Play dashboard:
      native: pc 00000000004321ec
      native: pc 000000000042db8d
      native: pc 0000000000c35865  base.odex
  • Packed stack trace (this is internal feature and will be dropped in future releases):
<<<12345678 __bar 42;12345678 __bar 42;>>>

Here addresses .so-names packed in ; separated string.

Unpacking Android Java Traces

This feature is useless at the moment

Unpacking iOS traces

You need MacOS and atos (XCode Tools) to use this feature. See man atos for more information.

To desymbolicate iOS traces you need to pass following arguments:

  • --symbols - directory containing dSYMs/ If no --symbols specified tracetool will use current directory
  • --arch - valid iOS arch (x86_64 or arm64)
  • --address - application load address
  • --module - your application name.

To learn more about load address see Understanding and Analyzing Application Crash Reports

Supported trace formats

In iOS mode tracetool recognizes only thread stack trace format:

0  Foo                                 0x00000001029b2d48 Foo + 159048
1  Foo                                 0x00000001029b37d0 Foo + 161744
2  libsystem_platform.dylib            0x00000001857dbb44 _sigtramp + 52
3  Foo                                 0x0000000102cf6178 Foo + 3580280
4  Foo                                 0x0000000102cc36c0 Foo + 3372736
5  UIKit                               0x000000018efc4078 <redacted> + 340


See for a list of changes.


See for a list of scheduled features and changes.


tracetool is licensed under the MIT licence. Please see the LICENCE for more information.

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