A quadcopter project based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino
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A new version of the Quadcopter is available at: https://github.com/vjaunet/QUADCOPTER_V3

A quadcopter controller on a Raspberry PI

This project is the development of a code to control a quadcopter with a Raspberry Pi.

Following the Quadcopter V1, I want to use a 4 cahnnel RC remote to have better control on the drone. In fact, the tablet shows quite poor sensitivity that is an handicap for good quality fligths.

Therefore in theis version of the Quadcopter, the RPI will still hold the PID, but a micorcontroller is used to interface the RC receiver and the ESCs. The Rpi aks the microcontroller for RC commands and sends motor speed values through I2C. An Arduino Micro has been chosen as microcontroller, for its compact size and sufficient abilites for the job.

The Raspberry PI hosts:

  • PID controller
  • Web interface to access the Camera (work in progress)
  • Communication with the MPU6050 through I2C.
  • Communication to Arduino Micro through SPI

This project is greatly inspired and using source code from :

Many thanks to these people.


Principles Princples Diagram


When powered, the Quad is in a locked status so that the ESCs do not turn the motor on. To unlock, simply put the RC sticks to the lower center angle. It can be locked again by doing the same operation. This is handled by the Arduino for more safety.


This projects includes :

  • 4 brushless motors (TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner)
  • 4 Electronic Speed Controllers (Turnigy Multistar 20 Amp)
  • 1 LiPo 3s 3700 mAh battery
  • 1 sparkfun MPU6050 breakout board
  • 1 QuadCopter frame
  • 1 4 channels RC Remote + Receiver
  • 1 arduino micro
  • 1 logic level converter


MPU6050 -> RPI : -VDD -> 3.3V -GND -> GND -SDA -> SDA -SCL -> SCL -VIO -> 3.3V

Arduino -> RPI : -VCC -> 5V from external Regulator -GND -> GND -MISO -> Logic Level converter ->MISO -MOSI -> Logic Level converter ->MOSI -SCK -> Logic Level converter ->SCK

ESCs and RC Receiver on Arduino: -Using PinChange interrupts -Check in the arduino code


Picture of the quad Picture of the quad Picture of the quad Picture of the quad Picture of the quad