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Script + how-to latex with ipython inline.
TeX Shell
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How to install

  1. Add this repo to your path (or run which does just that).

How to use with latex content in Jupyter

  1. Put desired packages, definitions, etc. into the template.tplx file in this repo.
  2. Run title src.ipynb to convert your Jupyter notebook into a PDF with the code (and outputs) inlined, make sure to call it in the directory of the notebook. The title will be title, duh.
  3. The resulting PDF with src.pdf in the cwd, along with other random latex junk.

This isn't any additional functionality over jupyter, just a convenient wrapper.

How to add latex content to Jupyter

Take a typical ipython notebook:

typical ipython

With a cell highlighted, click on the cell menu > cell type > raw.

menu sel

Then an ipython notebook like this:

ipy after

Will look like this PDF after running "Homework 2" solutions2.ipynb:

ipy result

Yes, I hardcoded my name. Change template.tplx accordingly.

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