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@vladimiry vladimiry released this Sep 25, 2018 · 1162 commits to master since this release

v2 release is all about the new local messages cache feature

The local store is currently implemented only for the tutanota accounts, see respective issue #32. Support for protonmail account types is under review (there is a bridge thing).

New features

  • Caching all the emails, contacts and folders in the local database (which is stored in database.bin file under the app settings directory). App syncs the changes into the local database automatically and in a reactive way. So this feature can be treated as a dynamic incremental backup. Attachments ignored.
  • Exploring the local database via GUI, including the offline mode: navigating between folders, viewing emails, switching plain/conversation mails view mode, etc.
  • Improved unread mail calculating. Before v2, unread notifications for tutanota accounts was enabled only for a single inbox folder and only for the latest 50 emails, see details in #30. Enabling local store allows getting unread notifications without notable delay and for all the folders since app takes the unread value from the database instead of the periodic server polling.

The beta testing goal is to make sure the above-listed features work stable enough, so feedback is welcomed.

See on the below screenshot how to enable the local store feature:

local messages cache

Initial database bootstrapping might take a while, depending on the amount of data and account history length (timeout is currently set to 3 minutes).

What makes the local store viewer different from the original Web Client

  • Conversation view mode (ref1 / ref2).
  • Showing unread mail count on each folder (ref1 / ref2).
  • Functional while offline.

What is planned and unread review

  • under review: Optionally show images in the email body viewer. Currently, all the images are wiped out during mail content viewing, so it works completely offline.
  • under review: Batch emails selection and export (EML / raw JSON).
  • under review: Emails search, simple / advanced (full-text).
  • under review: Attachments saving.
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