grunt boilerplate for front end developers
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#Grunt Boilerplate for Web Designers and Front End Developers

Read all about this boilerplate in this blog post.


Open the terminal in the root of the project and type npm install, this will take care of all the dependencies. Also run npm install grunt-postcss pixrem autoprefixer-core cssnano to install the postcss plugins. Once done, type grunt, a browser window will open with your website running and will watch for changes and live reload accordingly.


This is a php project so in the gruntfile.js I'm proxying my htdocs xampp folder. Be sure to edit that if your project is somewhere else

		browserSync : {
			dev : {
				bsFiles : {
					src : ['css/*.css', 'images/*.*', 'js/build/production.min.js', '*.php', 'includes/*.php']
				options : {
					proxy: "localhost/grunt-boilerplate", // <-- this here					
					watchTask : true 

Also consider changing the url line in the penthouse task

url : 'http://localhost/grunt-boilerplate',


The gems used in this project are Sass and Compass. If you don't have already installed them, type each of these commands in the terminal (anywhere):

gem install sass

gem install compass

##Deploying via FTP

Edit the .ftppass file with real data and edit the data in the gruntfile.js ftpush task. Once done deploy via ftp typing grunt ftpush