Selenium IDE native format (selenese and side) interpreter.
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Selenese Runner Java

This is selenese script interpreter implemented by Java.

It supports test-case and test-suite which are Selenium IDE's native format (selenese and side).

Note: Supported Java version is 8 or later.

Build Status


You can download the executable jar from:

Release Note

Please check


  • Run test-case and test-suite generated by Selenium IDE from command line.
  • Supported format:
  • Support commands of Selenium IDE: Flow Control.
  • Log URL/title/Cookies at all commands.
  • Take screenshots at all commands. (optional)
  • Override base URL.
  • Override directory of screenshot path.
  • Generate JUnit XML result.
  • Generate HTML result.


java -jar selenese-runner.jar <option> ... <test-case|test-suite> ...

 --config (-c) <file>                    : load option information from file.
 --driver (-d) <driver>                  : firefox (default) | chrome | ie | edge | safari | htmlunit | phantomjs | remote | appium | FQCN-of-WebDriverFactory
 --headless                              : use headless mode if driver is supported (currently, Chrome and Firefox)
 --profile (-p) <name>                   : profile name (Firefox only *1)
 --profile-dir (-P) <dir>                : profile directory (Firefox only *1)
 --chrome-experimental-options <file>    : path to json file specify experimental options for chrome (Chrome only *1)
 --chrome-extension <file>               : chrome extension file (multiple, Chrome only *1)
 --proxy <proxy>                         : proxy host and port (HOST:PORT) (excepting IE)
 --proxy-user <user>                     : proxy username (HtmlUnit only *2)
 --proxy-password <password>             : proxy password (HtmlUnit only *2)
 --no-proxy <hosts>                      : no-proxy hosts
 --cli-args <arg>                        : add command line arguments at starting up driver (multiple)
 --remote-url <url>                      : Remote test runner URL (Remote only)
 --remote-platform <platform>            : Desired remote platform (Remote only)
 --remote-browser <browser>              : Desired remote browser (Remote only)
 --remote-version <browser-version>      : Desired remote browser version (Remote only)
 --highlight (-H)                        : highlight locator always.
 --interactive (-i)                      : interactive mode.
 --screenshot-dir (-s) <dir>             : override captureEntirePageScreenshot directory.
 --screenshot-all (-S) <dir>             : take screenshot at all commands to specified directory.
 --screenshot-on-fail <dir>              : take screenshot on fail commands to specified directory.
 --ignore-screenshot-command             : ignore captureEntirePageScreenshot command.
 --baseurl (-b) <baseURL>                : override base URL set in selenese.
 --firefox <path>                        : path to 'firefox' binary. (implies '--driver firefox')
 --geckodriver <path>                    : path to 'geckodriver' binary. (implies '--driver firefox')
 --chromedriver <path>                   : path to 'chromedriver' binary. (implies '--driver chrome')
 --iedriver <path>                       : path to 'IEDriverServer' binary. (implies '--driver ie')
 --edgedriver <path>                     : path to Edge 'WebDriver' binary. (implies '--driver edge')
 --phantomjs <path>                      : path to 'phantomjs' binary. (implies '--driver phantomjs')
 --xml-result <dir>                      : output XML JUnit results to specified directory.
 --html-result <dir>                     : output HTML results to specified directory.
 --timeout (-t) <timeout>                : set timeout (ms) for waiting. (default: 30000 ms)
 --set-speed <speed>                     : same as executing setSpeed(ms) command first.
 --height <height>                       : set initial height. (excluding mobile)
 --width <width>                         : set initial width. (excluding mobile)
 --alerts-policy VAL                     : The default behaviour for unexpected alerts (accept/ignore/dismiss)
 --define (-D) <key>[:<type>][+]=<value> : define parameters for capabilities. <type> is a value type: str (default), int or bool (multiple)
 --var (-V) <var-name>=<json-value>      : set JSON value to variable with a specified name. (multiple)
 --rollup <file>                         : define rollup rule by JavaScript. (multiple)
 --cookie-filter <+RE|-RE>               : filter cookies to log by RE matching the name. ("+" is passing, "-" is suppressing)
 --log-filter <+type|-type>              : filter the logging information by the specified type. (multiple. "+" is passing, "-" is suppressing. type: cookie, title, url, pageinfo(= cookie & title & url))
 --command-factory <FQCN>                : register user defined command factory. (See Note *3)
 --no-exit                               : don't call System.exit at end.
 --strict-exit-code                      : return strict exit code, reflected by selenese command results at end. (See Note *4)
 --max-time <max-time>                   : Maximum time in seconds that you allow the entire operation to take.
 --screenshot-scroll-timeout <timeout>   : set scroll timeout (ms) for taking screenshot. (default: 100)
 --help (-h)                             : show this message.

*1 It is available if using "--driver remote --remote-browser firefox".

*2 If you want to use basic and/or proxy authentication on Firefox, then create new profile, install AutoAuth plugin, configure all settings, access test site with the profile, and specify the profile by --profile option.

*3 Use "java -cp ...:selenese-runner.jar Main --command-factory ...".
   Because "java" command ignores all class path settings, when using "-jar" option.

*4 The list of strict exit code is follows:
   - 0: SUCCESS
   - 2: WARNING
   - 3: FAILURE
   - 4: ERROR


  • Java 8 or later.
  • Apache Maven 2.x or later to build.

Building the Application

  • Install Apache Maven.
  • clone this repository
  • run build script mvn -P package

That will create the selenese-runner.jar file within the 'target' directory.


Configuration file (1.8.0 or later)

You can read option information from the following configuration file by using "--config" option.

You can overwrite the information by additional command line options.

# configuration file format.

proxy-user: PROXY_USER
proxy-password: PROXY_PASSWORD
no-proxy: NO_PROXY_HOSTS
cli-args: DRIVER_CLI_ARG1
remote-platform: REMOTE_PLATFORM
remote-browser: REMOTE_BROWSER
remote-version: REMOTE_VERSION
# "highlight" parameter is "true" or "false".
highlight: true
# "ignore-screenshot-command" parameter is "true" or "false".
ignore-screenshot-command: true
# The unit of "timeout" parameter is millisecounds.
timeout: 30000
# The unit of "set-speed" parameter is millisecounds.
set-speed: 100
# The unit of "height" parameter is pixcels.
height: 1024
# The unit of "width" parameter is pixcels.
width: 768
command-factory: full.qualify.class.Name

Firefox, Chrome and PhantomJS driver

If you want to add command line options to above driver's binary, add following options:

java -jar selenese-runner.jar --driver DRIVER_NAME \
  --cli-args ARG1 \
  --cli-args ARG2 \


  • Firefox

      java -jar selenese-runner.jar --driver firefox \
        --cli-args -jsconsole \
  • Chrome

      java -jar selenese-runner.jar --driver chrome \
        --cli-args --incognito \
        --cli-args --ignore-certificate-errors \
  • PhantomJS

      java -jar selenese-runner.jar --driver phantomjs \
        --cli-args --ssl-certificates-path=/PATH/TO/CERTS-DIR/ \


"--rollup" option and "rollup" command are used for a definition and execution of a user-defined command.

Refer to the following for how to write "rollup" script:

However, this feature has the following limitations:

  • supported properties of rollup rule: ** name ** args ** expandedCommands or getExpandedCommans
  • cannot access any browser object.

Cookie filter

You can filter cookies to log by the regular expression matching the name.


  • logging the cookie whose name ends with "ID":

      java -jar selenese-runner.jar --cookie-filter +'ID$' ...
  • don't logging the cookie whose name contains "__utm":

      java -jar selenese-runner.jar --cookie-filter -__utm ...

User defined command factory

You can register user defined command factory:

java -cp YOUR_CLASS_PATH:selenese-runner.jar Main \
  --command-factory your.command.factory.ClassName ...


  • Use the above command line instead of "java -jar ...". Because "java" command ignores all class path settings, when using "-jar" option.

  • Top-level Main class is contained ONLY in stand-alone "selenese-runner.jar", and is not contained in "selenese-runner-java-X.Y.Z.jar" in maven repository. Please use "jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.Main" instead of "Main" if you want to use this feature with the jar in maven repository.

Original Commands


Usage: include FILENAME

This command include and execute FILENAME test-case.

You can use variables in FILENAME.

See the test-case example.


The Apache License, Version 2.0.

see "LICENSE" file.