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The Clarity Seed is deprecated

We highly recommend that all Angular projects use the CLI, because we'll also work on supporting migration features which will make it easier to keep Clarity and Angular up to date.

To integrate Clarity in a new app follow these steps:

  1. Generate a new Angular application (if you haven't already):
    • ng new my-app
  2. Navigate to the directory:
    • cd my-app
  3. Run the ng add command for Clarity:
    • ng add @clr/angular

If you already have an angular application and want to add Clarity to it there is only one thing to do:

  • ng add @clr/angular

Clarity Seed

This is a seed project for Angular 2 applications using Clarity. For more information on the Clarity Design System, visit the Clarity website.

We offer this seed project in three different build systems:

  1. Angular-CLI version (branch: master)

  2. Webpack 2 version (branch: webpack)

  3. SystemJS version (branch: systemjs)

Getting started

Angular-CLI version

This seed version provides the following out of the box:

  • Angular 2 application with @clr/icons, @clr/ui and @clr/angular included
  • Development and production builds
  • Unit test setup with Jasmine and Karma
  • End-to-end test setup with Protractor
  • SASS processor
  • TSLint
  • And other goodies that come with Angular-CLI (v1.0.0-beta.20-4)


Prerequisite: Please install Angular-CLI by following these instructions. Note: Even though it's optional, we recommend you to use yarn instead of npm install for installing the dependencies.

git clone
cd clarity-seed

# install the project's dependencies
yarn # or run "npm install"

# starts the application in dev mode and watches your files for livereload
ng serve

Using Angular-CLI

# generating a new component
ng g component my-new-component

# generating a new directive
ng g directive my-new-directive

# to learn more about Angular-CLI commands and their usages
ng help

For comprehensive documentation on Angular-CLI, please see their github repository.

Test and build scripts

# running unit tests
ng test

# running e2e tests
ng e2e

# dev build
ng build

# prod build
ng build --prod


For documentation on the Clarity Design System, including a list of components and example usage, see our website.

Directory structure


├── karma.conf.js              <- configuration of the test runner
├── package.json               <- dependencies of the project
├── protractor.config.js       <- e2e tests configuration
├── src/                       <- source code of the application
│   ├── app/
│   │   └── component/
│   │       └── <component>.component.html
│   │       └── <component>.component.scss
│   │       └── <component>.component.spec.ts
│   │       └── <component>.component.ts
│   │   └── app.component.html
│   │   └── app.component.scss
│   │   └── app.component.ts
│   │   └── app.e2e-spec.js    <- sample e2e spec file
│   │   └── app.module.ts
│   │   └── app.routing.ts
│   │   └── main.ts            <- boostrap file for the angular app
│   └── index.html
├── angular-cli.json           <- configuration of the angular-cli
├── tsconfig.json              <- configuration of the typescript project
├── tslint.json                <- sample configuration file for tslint
└── yarn.lock


The Clarity project team welcomes contributions from the community. For more detailed information, see


The clarity-seed project is licensed under the MIT license.


If you find a bug or want to request a new feature, please open a GitHub issue.


This is a repository for a seed project that includes Clarity Design System's dependencies.




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