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Simple Restful API to process query (via GET param) and return data based on AIML for building chatbot
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Simple restful api server, process request string (keyword) and return data base on AIML algorithm.

You can use this to create simple chatbot, understanding user queries and return value base on template / pattern of queries.


This project need Nodejs and AIMLInterpreter library to run. Install with npm:

npm install aimlinterpreter


Step 1: Build your bot brain with AIML

Edit test.aiml.xml with aiml content. Learn more about AIML at

Step 2: Start web server

node server.js

By default, web server will start from port 8088

Step 3: Query to server

Request to url http://localhost:8088?q=YOUR_STRING&format=json|text

Query string meanings:

  • q: Keyword will search in AIML file.
  • format: can be json or text.


  • Request to: http://localhost:8088?q=hi&format=json

  • Sample response (json format):

    "text": "Hello to you too",
    "wildcard": []
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