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An extendable SVG-based donut chart React component.



npm install react-donut-chart --save


import DonutChart from 'react-donut-chart';
//things I would never do:
        label: 'Give you up',
        value: 25
        label: '',
        value: 75,
        isEmpty: true
    }]} />

View the demo online, or run it locally:

npm run build npm run start

then visit localhost:3000.


Name Type isRequired Default Description
data arrayOf(shape({
  value: number.isRequired,
  label: string,
  className: string,
  isEmpty: boolean
true [{
  value: 100,
  label: '',
The chart data
className string false donutchart This is the className given to the top-level svg element. All subclasses are prefixed from this name:
  • ${className}-arcs accesses the entire graph area
    • ${className}-arcs-paths accesses the individual arc paths
  • ${className}-innertext accesses all of the text within the inner donut area
    • ${className}-innertext-label accesses the label within this area
    • ${className}-innertext-value accesses the value within this area
  • ${className}-legend accesses the legend component
    • ${className}-legend-rect accesses the legend rectangle items
    • ${className}-legend-label accesses the labels of the legend items
In addition the selected class is given to selected items, the toggled class to all toggled items, and the isEmpty class to all isEmpty items. All style (and animations) can be manipulated from the CSS
height number false 500 Height of the entire component
width number false 750 Width of the entire component. If no legend is specified, then the chart takes up the entire width. If a legend is toggled, then the chart takes up 2/3 of the width, and the legend takes up 1/3
colors arrayOf(string) false ['#f44336', '#e91e63', '#9c27b0', '#673ab7', '#3f51b5', '#2196f3', '#03a9f4', '#00bcd4', '#009688', '#4caf50', '#8bc34a', '#cddc39', '#ffeb3b', '#ffc107', '#ff9800', '#ff5722', '#795548', '#607d8b' ] An array of colors (could be hex strings or named colors) for the data items. Defaults to an array of Google colors
emptyColor string false '#e0e0e0' A color for empty data items, defaults to gray
strokeColor string false '#212121' A color for the stroke around the items in the graph and legend, defaults to black
colorFunction func false (colors, index) => colors[(index % colors.length)] The default cycles through the array of colors and loops for excess
innerRadius number false 0.70 The inner donut radius
outerRadius number false 0.90 The outer donut radius
selectedOffset number false 0.03 The outerRadius offset when an item is selected
emptyOffset number false 0.08 The innerRadius and outerRadius offset on isEmpty items
toggledOffset number false 0.04 The innerRadius and outerRadius offset on toggle-clicked items
startAngle number false 0 The drawing start angle
formatValues func false (values, total) => `${(values / total * 100).toFixed(2)}%` Custom format for values displayed in the donut chart's inner text area. By default formats as percentages rounded to two decimal places.
onMouseEnter func false (item) => item Callback that fires when an item is hovered
onClick func false onClick: (item, toggled) => (toggled ? item : null) Callback that fires when an item is toggle-clicked
legend bool false true Determines whether or not to create a legend
clickToggle bool false true Determines whether or not to toggle-freeze the graph on the arc that has been clicked




An extendable SVG donut chart React component




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