Simple, ORM agnostic PESEL (Polish Personal ID Number) validator and personal data extractor
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A simple PESEL (polish personal ID number) validator and personal data extractor for Rails.

Activepesel library is available as a gem. In your Gemfile add:

gem 'activepesel'

#In your model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  attr_accessible :dads_pesel, :mums_pesel
  # this will give the access to methods: 
  # dads_pesel_personal_data, mums_pesel_personal_data
  pesel_attr :dads_pesel, :mums_pesel

  # keep in mind that pesel validator is not performing a presence test
  # so you need another (standard) validation for this one
  validates :dads_pesel, :presence => true
  validates :dads_pesel, :pesel    => true
  validates :mums_pesel, :pesel    => true
  # pesel validator returns standard rails :invalid key error message


Activepesel::PersonalData object

When using attr_pesel :name_of_attr in your model you will get new instance method available: name_of_attr_personal_data.

The method returns Activepesel::PersonalData object which has the following attributes:


See the example:

User.find(1).dads_pesel_personal_data => Activepesel::PersonalData(...)

Sex attribute can take 3 values. 1 - for men, 2 - for women, 9 - not applicable (ISO/IEC 5218)

For the invalid PESEL numbers the date_of_birth attribute is set to nil and the sex is 9 - not applicable.

Saving personal data into database

It is a common practice that you want to save the personal data extracted from the PESEL number to be able for example to query your records against all female persons. To do this you can use ActiveModel callbacks like in the example:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  attr_accessible :pesel
  pesel_attr :pesel
  validates :pesel, :pesel => true

  before_save :set_personal_data


  def set_personal_data
    self.date_of_birth = pesel_personal_data.date_of_birth           =

Using Activepesel outside ActiveModel / ActiveRecord models

You can use it like in the given example

pesel ="82060202039")
pesel.valid? => true
pesel.personal_data => Activepesel::PersonalData(...)
# or even quicker
pesel.date_of_birth => Wed, 02 Jun 1982 => 1

Generating PESEL numbers

Since version 0.1.0 you can generate valid PESEL numbers for a given date of birth and sex of a person.

To generate one randomly picked PESEL number for let's say a male born on November 3rd 1975:

# picks one random number for the given personal data
Activepesel::Pesel.generate(:one, :sex => 1, :date_of_birth =>,11,3))

To generate all (5000) PESEL numbers valid for a person of a given sex and date of birth for example a female born on May 20th 2010:

# returns all possible numbers for the given personal data in a lexicographic order
# notice that you can pass a stringified date.
Activepesel::Pesel.generate(:all, :sex => 2, :date_of_birth => "2010-05-20")

#Donations If you find activepesel usefull and want to buy me a beer, please Donate Bitcoins<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


Copyright (c) 2012 Wojciech Pasternak released under the MIT license