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Visual Pinball

An open source pinball table editor and simulator.

This project was started by Randy Davis, open sourced in 2010 and continued by the Visual Pinball development team. This is the official repository.


  • Simulates pinball table physics and renders the table with DirectX or OpenGL
  • Simple editor to (re-)create any kind of pinball table
  • Live editing in the rendered viewport
  • Table logic (and game rules) can be controlled via Visual Basic Script
  • Over 1050 real/unique pinball machines from ~100 manufacturers, plus over 550 original creations were rebuilt/designed using the Visual Pinball X editor (over 3000 if one counts all released tables, incl. MODs and different variants), and even more when including its predecessor versions (Visual Pinball 9.X)
  • Emulation of real pinball machines via Visual PinMAME is possible via Visual Basic Script
  • Supports configurable camera views (e.g. to allow for correct display in virtual pinball cabinets)
  • Support for Tablet/Touch input or specialized pinball controllers
  • Support for Stereo3D output
  • Support for Head tracking via BAM
  • Support for VR HMD rendering (including PUP, B2S backglass and DMD output support)