A remote video-feed drawing tool (telestrator) for streaming and broadcast environments.
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An open source Telestrator.


For full installation details please see INSTALL.


  • Node.js (MIT) - Communication between the control panel and CEF keyer is done using a simple Node server.

Recommended Keyer Programs

For usage in a streaming environment:

  • OBS Studio (GPL-2.0) - Versions 18.0 and up include 'Browser Plugin', earlier versions will need to manually install it.

For usage in a broadcast environment:


Dewdle is split into 3 pages (each of which can have multiple instances):


  • Designed to be operated by talent to create drawings.
  • Has full drawing controls and optional live status control.
  • Set FORCE_OP_MODE to true to enable live status control.
  • Set FORCE_OP_MODE to null for a button to enable live status control.
  • Set FORCE_OP_MODE to false to disable live status control.


  • Designed for a control room operator.
  • Previews the drawing and controls live status.
  • Can adjust drawing controls for talent.
  • Not strictly needed if live status control is enabled on draw pages.


  • Designed to be what is transparently overlaid onto a video feed.
  • Canvas dimensions will be CANVAS_WIDTH by CANVAS_HEIGHT.
  • FADE_DURATION controls how long it takes to show/hide the canvas.
  • FADE_TIMER controls how long the canvas stays up on connection loss.
  • Any encoding program should load this page.


Dewdle is licensed under GPL-3.0: LICENSE

FOSS Inclusions

The following are included, whole or in part, within this project. All included materials must have compatible licenses.