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The Matrix wake up scene as an Emacs zone/screen saver
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Zone Matrix Wake Up


I can't believe it has been 20 years already since the release of The Matrix movie.

So for the 20 year anniversary I created the famous wake up scene as a zone program for Emacs (an Emacs screen saver). (And In an attempt to wake up more people from The Matrix...)

Link to scene on YouTube: Matrix wake up scene


Save the file zone-matrix-wake-up.el to a directory (e.g.: zone-matrix-wake-up) and add it to you load-path in your emacs init file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/zone-matrix-wake-up")

Require the package:

(require 'zone-matrix-wake-up)


You can add it to the list of zone programs or just overwrite the list to have only zone-pgm-matrix-wake-up.

    (setq zone-programs [zone-pgm-matrix-wake-up])

Specify after how many seconds of non-activiy to zone out:

    (zone-when-idle 120)

Instead of Neo, you can use your own name for the wake message:

    (setq zone-matrix-wake-up-name "Pieter")

You can also run it as a preview directly by invoking:



Welcome to report an issue on the issue tracker if you you find any bugs or have suggestions/ideas. Patches are welcome. Just create fork, work on a separate branch and open a pull request.

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