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VTIL Project

VTIL (Virtual-machine Translation Intermediate Language) Project is a set of tools that can be used for binary deobfuscation and devirtualization.


  1. VTIL-Core VTIL-Core Public

    Virtual-machine Translation Intermediate Language

    C++ 1.3k 164

  2. VTIL-Docs VTIL-Docs Public

    Documentation of the VTIL API.

    27 6

  3. VTIL-Samples VTIL-Samples Public

    A number of samples to get you started with VTILs API.

    CMake 33 14

  4. VTIL-NativeLifters VTIL-NativeLifters Public

    Lifting from native architecture to VTIL. (WIP)

    C++ 69 22

  5. VTIL-Sandbox VTIL-Sandbox Public

    User interface for inspecting and editing .vtil files based on Ultralight. (WIP)

    C++ 13 8

  6. VTIL-Python VTIL-Python Public

    Python bindings for the VTIL API. (WIP)

    C++ 27 19


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