Scripts for the router, ldap, etc.
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Scripts for various things

See router/lan/local_hosts for a listing of ips & hosts

These scripts are written specifically for using joey as the router

Setup instructions can be found at


Configuration for VTLUUG's router ( ARP/NDP Proxy are required due to port security. Dnsmasq is used for DHCP on our private network and provides SLAAC (+ PTR records???) using the ra-only mode.

  • router/ip-config
    • typical /etc/network/interfaces config for the router
  • router/ipsec
    • ipsec configuration (TODO)
  • router/iptables
    • Router iptables rules
  • router/lan
    • dnsmasq & nat configuration
  • router/proxy
    • arp proxying
  • router/sysctl.conf
    • sysctl settings for enabling IPv6 privacy extensions and forwarding


Sets up the bridge interfaces on new libvirt hosts. This should be the first thing done after a new installation.

Make sure you change $INTERFACE the interface that is being bridged.


Wiki, website, and other scripts for automating things.