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Vulpem Ventures

Enabling the next generation of bitcoin-native financial services


  1. nigiri Public

    🍣 A delicious docker box for special Bitcoin, Lightning and Liquid cookings

    Go 190 39

  2. marina Public

    Liquid Wallet browser extension

    TypeScript 22 13

  3. Forked from provable-things/liquidjs-lib

    A javascript Liquid library for node.js and browsers.

    TypeScript 13 8

  4. go-elements Public

    Go support for Liquid/Elements transactions

    Go 20 12

  5. jobs Public

    Job offers in Vulpem

    6 2

  6. ldk Public

    Liquid Development Kit provides abstractions to speed-up implementation of elements-based wallets for browsers and NodeJS

    TypeScript 8 11


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