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Vuzit.Net – Vuzit Web Services library for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono


This is a library that allows developers to directly access the Vuzit Document Viewer Web Service API through the Microsoft .NET Framework or Mono via any language supported by the platform. Vuzit.Net allows developers to automate the upload, download and removal of documents through the Vuzit Web Services API. You can use this library through any .NET enabled language such as C#, Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET), JavaScript (JScript.NET), LUA, Pascal or Python to name a few.

Below is a basic upload example in C#:

Vuzit.Service.PublicKey = "YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY";  
Vuzit.Service.PrivateKey = "YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY";  

Vuzit.Document doc = Vuzit.Document.Upload(@"c:\path\to\document.pdf");  

Console.WriteLine("Document id: {0}", doc.Id); 

To get started you need to signup for a Vuzit account which gives you full access to the Vuzit APIs. Then simply replace your public and private keys in your code, and you’re ready to go.


  1. Take the DLL for your .NET Framework version out of the Bin directory
    1. Bin\Vuzit.Net\DotNet\2.0 – DLL built with the MS .NET Framework 2.0
    2. Bin\Vuzit.Net\DotNet\3.5 – DLL built with the MS .NET Framework 3.5
    3. Bin\Vuzit.Net\Mono\2.2 – DLL built with the Mono 2.2 Framework
  2. Add the DLL as a reference in your project. In Visual Studio right-click on the References item in the project menu, click on the Browse button and select Vuzit.Net.dll.
  3. You can also add Vuzit.Net to all projects on your machine by adding it to the global assembly cache. To do this run the following command:
    1. $> gacutil.exe /i Vuzit.Net.dll
  4. To check if your install was successful add the following to a .NET project file (this assumes C#, use the appropriate version for C++/VB.NET, etc):
    1. using Vuzit;
    2. If it compiles without any errors then you’ve succeeded.



Released under the open source MIT license which allows you to use it in any proprietary product.


For more information visit the Vuzit.com Developer Center


Email to support@vuzit.com or visit Vuzit Support