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A standalone timeline app that can be controlled by and sends out its values via OSC.
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A Posh based timeline that can be controlled by and sends out its values via OSC.

Brought to you by vvvv.

Requires Internet Explorer >= 10 to be installed on your system.

Looking for a binary download? Get it here.

Track Types

  • Value
  • String

Mouse Interaction

  • add a track via rightclick in the empty area
  • add a keyframe in a track via doubleclick
  • show track menu via rightclick on a track
  • show keyframe menu via rightclick on a keyframe
  • show ruler menu via rightclick in the ruler area
  • add keyframes to selection by pressing Ctrl while selecting
  • remove keyframes from selection by pressing Alt while selecting
  • in menus:
  • change numbers using the mouse wheel (also use Shift/Ctrl/Alt vvvv-style to change stepsize)
  • change numbers and text via rightclick
  • pan (scroll in time) via right-drag left/right
  • zoom via right-drag up/down
  • rearrange tracks via left dragging their labels
  • right-drag the timebar to have it snap to keyframes

Keyboard Interaction

Function Shortcut
Toggle Play SPACE
Stop Backspace
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Set in point I
Set out point O
Select all keyframes in active track Ctrl + A
Select all keyframes Ctrl + Shift + A
Delete selected keyframes Del
Toggle Collapse active track Ctrl+
Nudge selected keyframes by one frame Left/Right Arrow Keys
Nudge selected keyframes values Up/Down Arrow Keys (also use Shift/Ctrl/Alt vvvv-style to change stepsize)
Jump to next/previous keyframe Up/Down Arrow Keys (with no keyframe selected)
Change EASE mode of selected keyframe E (toggles through: In, Out, InOut, None)
Reload page in case it is frozen or to reload CSS F5


Edit web\project.css if you want to change colors, stroke-widths or fonts.

Receiving OSC

All of Timeliners current values are being sent via UDP using the OSC protocoll. Specify a target IP address (default: ie. localhost) and a port (default: 4444) via Main Menu -> OSC.

All values are sent in one OSC-Bundle. The individual messages addresses comprise of the specified "Prefix" + the pinname. e.g.:

  • /timeliner/Value 0
  • /timeliner/String 0

In addition the current time is sent via:

  • /timeliner/time

Sending OSC

TimelinerSA can be remote controlled via OSC commands. It listenes to commands sent to the port set via the "Receive Port" numberbox in the interface (which defaults to 5555).

Send the commands to the "Prefix" + the command you like to controll. e.g.:

play: takes 0 (pause) or 1 (play) as argument

/timeliner/play 1

stop: no arguments


seek: takes a single floating point value to specify the time to seek to

/timeliner/seek 0.234

loop: takes two floating point values to specify the loops in and out points

/timeliner/loop 0.456 1.234

Web Access

Navigate to with your browser to see a list of available timelines.

If you want to access a timeline other than via localhost make sure to run TimelinerSA.exe as admin.

Building Timeliner from Source

The Timeliner.sln requires Posh to be cloned right next to the Timeliner\ directory. That should be it.

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