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WAPI (Wireless API) provides an easy-to-use function set to configure wireless network interfaces on a GNU/Linux system. One can think WAPI as a lightweight C API for iwconfig, wlanconfig, ifconfig, and route commands. (But it is not a thin wrapper for these command line tools.) It is currently being used in WISERLAB test-bed to configure 802.11 based wireless interfaces. The development is partially supported by European Commission Grant Number PIRG06-GA-2009-256326.

For source codes, see http://github.com/vy/wapi. While you can manually generate the documentation via Doxygen, the most recent version of the documentation is (hopefully) always available online at http://vy.github.com/wapi.

You can also easily integrate WAPI to OpenWrt platform as well. For this purpose, just see Makefile.OpenWrt in the root directory.