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[web-animations-1] Fix typos in getKeyframes() processing section

This fixes #2174.
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birtles committed Jan 9, 2018
1 parent 7c72c2c commit 07cdd89bfb939c1482b33fbfdffd4aa2c03a413d
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@@ -4690,7 +4690,7 @@ interface KeyframeEffect : KeyframeEffectReadOnly {
1. Let <var>property name</var> be the result of applying the
<a>animation property name to IDL attribute name</a> algorithm
to the property name of <var>declaration</var>.
1. Let <var>IDL value</var> be result of serializing the
1. Let <var>IDL value</var> be the result of serializing
the property value of <var>declaration</var> by passing
<var>declaration</var> to the algorithm to <a>serialize a CSS
value</a> [[!CSSOM]].

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