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Issue #524 'creator context security' (#772)

* Issue #524 'creator context security'
* Port whatwg/html@a5853c3

Note, workers change in #1561 out of scope in HTML 5.2 - needs to
go into workers spec.
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adanilo authored and travisleithead committed Jan 20, 2017
1 parent 9d4feb3 commit 3a0f88b79b68a219fa6b7a2f523e2fe731ab1cba
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@@ -59,11 +59,30 @@
<a>creator browsing context</a>. Otherwise, the <a>browsing context</a> has no
<a>creator browsing context</a>.
If a <a>browsing context</a> <var>A</var> has a <a>creator browsing context</a>, then the
<dfn>creator origin</dfn>, <dfn>creator URL</dfn>, and <dfn>creator base URL</dfn> are the
[=concept/origin=], [=document url|URL=], and <a lt='document base URL'>base URL</a>, respectively, of
the {{Document}} that was the <a>active document</a> of that <a>creator browsing context</a> at
the time <var>A</var> was created.
<p>If a [=browsing context=] <var>context</var> has a [=creator browsing context=]
<var>creator</var>, it also has the following properties. In what follows, let
<var>creator document</var> be <var>creator</var>'s [=active document=] at the time
<var>context</var> is created:</p>
<dt><dfn>creator origin</dfn></dt>
<dd>|creator document|'s [=concept/origin=]</dd>
<dt><dfn>creator URL</dfn></dt>
<dd>|creator document|'s [=document url|URL=]</dd>
<dt><dfn>creator base URL</dfn></dt>
<dd>|creator document|'s [=base URL=]</dd>
<dt><dfn>creator referrer policy</dfn></dt>
<dd>|creator document|'s [=referrer policy=]</dd>
<dt><dfn>creator context security</dfn></dt>
<dd>The result of executing <span>Is environment settings object a secure context?</span> on
|creator document|'s [=relevant settings object=]</dd>
<div w-nodev>
To <dfn lt="creating a new browsing context|create a new browsing context">create a new browsing context</dfn>:

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