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Working Draft of the HTML specification
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This is the repository for the Working Draft of the HTML specification. This repository is managed by the W3C Web Platform Working Group.

Editorial Documentation

The specification is built using Bikeshed. If you would like to propose edits, please make sure that they result in a specification that will build correctly, by testing in your own clone of the repository.

  1. Install bikeshed
  2. From the HTML folder open a command prompt
  3. run bikeshed: 'bikeshed spec'

For the multipage version, one can do as follows:

  1. Install multipage
  2. Follow the instructions there to regenerate the HTML files

Contributing to this Repository

Use the standard fork, branch, and pull request workflow to propose changes to the specification. Please make branch names informative - by including the issue or bug number for example.

More information on contributing is in

To make changes to the specification:

  1. Edit (or one of the include files it references) in the master branch. Do not edit the HTML files in the gh-pages branch. These are built automatically.
  2. Ideally run bikeshed on to make sure there are no errors (run bikeshed spec).
  3. Create a pull request but do not include the single-page.html file
  4. When the editors merge and commit your pull request Travis-CI will build the HTML files

The following considerations should be kept in mind when making a pull request:

  • Editorial changes that improve the readability of the spec or correct spelling or grammatical mistakes are welcome.
  • Ideally new features should be proposed in a new specification and not as additions to the HTML spec. The Web Platform WG charter requires that the WG only adopt new proposals after they have been through an incubation phase. Please consider the WICG's Intent to Migrate template when proposing new features.
  • Normative changes to the spec should aim to improve interoperability amongst browsers. Such changes should be accompanied by a test case to show that the change does this. It may also include links to bug trackers for browsers showing that there is an intent to adopt the new behaviour.
  • Normative changes to the spec should be associated with a bug or issue that describes the reason for the change.

Old HTML repository

The old HTML repo is available for archival purposes.

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