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allow multiple main elements when only one is visible

fixes #761
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stevefaulkner committed Apr 9, 2017
1 parent 4794033 commit d53f789557ebc446fa87ea5e788677910af5cc79
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@@ -1641,7 +1641,25 @@
information, site logos and banners and search forms (unless the document or application's main
function is that of a search form).
There must not be more than one <{main}> in a document.
There must not be more than one visible <{main}> element in a document. If greater than one
<{main}> element is present in a document, all other instances must be hidden using the <{hidden}> attribute.
<div class="example">
<pre highlight="html">
<!-- conforming example -->
<main hidden></main>
<main hidden></main>
<!-- non-conforming example -->
Authors must not include the <{main}> element as a descendant of an <{article}>,
<{aside}>, <{footer}>, <code>header</code> or <{nav}> element.

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