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Merge pull request #150 from w3c/tdresser-no-default-action

Remove mention of default actions.
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yoavweiss committed May 16, 2018
2 parents 784d351 + 2414dd1 commit 0b6e7991107bcb5e17a98873f6a0ad160da073d1
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@@ -857,8 +857,7 @@ <h3>Extensions to the <code>Performance</code> Interface</h3>
<li><a data-cite="!DOM/#concept-event-fire">Fire an event</a>
named <code>resourcetimingbufferfull</code> at the <a data-cite=
"!HR-TIME-2/#idl-def-performance">Performance</a> object, with its
<code>bubbles</code> attribute initialized to true and with no
default action.</li>
<code>bubbles</code> attribute initialized to true.</li>

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