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Jan 17, 2019

Kirby CMS Themes

The unofficial (but extremely comprehensive) theme list for Kirby CMS.

A fully featured Kirby CMS theme typically contains templates, snippets and assets.

Kirby 3 compatible themes now being added.

Label Description
Blog Suitable for blogs & journals
Bootstrap Built on Bootstrap framework
Commercial These themes cost money
Docs Suitable for documents, reference & textual content
Foundation Built on Zurb Foundation framework
Kube Built on Kube framework
Material Built on Google Material design framework
Portfolio Suitable for portfolios & displaying work
Screenshot Theme screenshot available
Theme Kirby 3 compatible theme
Theme Kirby 2 compatible theme

You can also search for a theme.

Submit a theme

  1. Search for the theme to make sure it does not already exist.
  2. Add the theme.
  3. Don't close the issue.

You can only add labels if you are a collaborator. I can change the privileges when needed.

Report a theme

If the theme is broken, is malware or is a duplicate (already exists in the theme list), add a comment in the theme issue. If others agree, we can label it. Don't close the issue!


Kirby 3 and/or Kirby 2 are required to use these themes. If you are still using Kirby 1 (which is now deprecated) I encourage you to update for compatibility and security reasons.


This repository does not take any responsibility for the harm the themes can do.


For theme support questions please contact the original theme developer.

Other theme resources

Kirby plugins

Kirby plugins - the unofficial plugin list for Kirby CMS.

Kirby directory - a frontend for Kirby CMS plugins & themes.

Future ideas

  • A website built with Github API to make the themes more visually appealing.


The Kirby CMS Theme Repository. A comprehensive, constantly curated codex of all commercial, free & open source themes for Kirby CMS.



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