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Community bounties for the waku ecosystem

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Waku Bounties

All bounties are paused until new SDKs are released

In an effort to make the Waku community more inclusive towards contribution - we encourage the community members to get rewarded by completing bounties. Bounties are a way to incentivize community contributions for certain tasks that can positively impact Waku.

Available bounties

The currently available bounties are listed here. All the bounties with 'open' labels are available.

Applying for a bounty

Feel free to apply for a bounty once it is labelled as open.

  1. To apply, comment on the GitHub issue with the following information:
Plan: <describe how you intend to tackle the work, highlight any risk you perceived and any result of preliminary research>
Track record: <Links to work demonstrating your track record has a hacker, especially in the Waku ecosystem>
Timeline: <clarify when you can start the work and whether you can meet the proposed timeline>
  1. @fryorcraken or @hackyguru will review the applications and comment who has been selected to work on the bounty.

  2. Selected applicant must fill in this Status Bounty Programme Typeform to share information needed for legal and financial reasons such as Legal name, country of residence, business address and payment details, as well as agree to these terms and conditions.

  3. Once information is reviewed, the bounty will be marked as assigned and the applicant can start the work. It is recommended for the applicant to wait until this step before starting work, to ensure there is no issue with payment.

  4. To submit the work, the applicant must comment on the bounty with an URL to the deliverables.

  5. Work will then be reviewed by the Waku team and if deliverables match acceptance criteria, payment will be handled the finance team.

We recommend applicants to reach out to the team on for questions, support or to discuss the bounty. If any issues are encountered during work, we encourage application to either reach out on Discord or open a GitHub issue on the right Waku SDK repository.

Propose a new bounty

Do you have a bounty proposal that can positively contribute to Waku's growth? Create a new Waku bounty proposal here.

Have a question?

Looking for something that is not mentioned here? Join our discord server and shoot your queries.


Community bounties for the waku ecosystem






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