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walkmod: To Fix Java Static Coding Analysis Issues

WalkMod, is an open source tool to share and apply code conventions by automatic quick fixes for coding style issues.

WalkMod is language agnostic and platform agnostic, since it can be extended to support multiple programming languages and runs in any platform, since it is coded in Java. However, the only current supported programming language is Java.

WalkMod began as an open source framework to run code transformations. It benefits directly from the experience accumulated over several years of large-scale projects to support multiple quick fixes for existing static code analysis tools.

WalkMod logo

Getting started

Docker can be installed either on your computer or in any CI tool to ensure your code style before merging changes. To get started, check out the installation instructions in the documentation.

Usage examples

WalkMod can be used to run short-lived commands or by using an static configuration.

You can find a list of real-world examples in the documentation.

Under the hood

Under the hood, WalkMod is built on the following components:

  • The ivy engine to download plugins from Maven repositories.
  • The Spring Framework to support IoC.

Contributing to WalkMod

Want to hack on WalkMod? Awesome! The org.walkmod.WalkmodFacade can help you to invoke the available commands by API.

If you want to hack on this, fork it, improve it and send me a pull request.

To get started using it, just clone it and call mvn install.