this is the code release for ''Weakly Supervised PatchNets: Describing and Aggregating Local Patches for Scene Recognition''
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this is the release code for Weakly Supervised PatchNets: Describing and Aggregating Local Patches for Scene Recognition:

Weakly Supervised PatchNets: Describing and Aggregating Local Patches for Scene Recognition
Zhe Wang, Limin Wang, Yali Wang, Bowen Zhang, and Yu Qiao

The performance is as below:

acc MIT_indoor SUN397
mean: 78.5 63.5
VLAD: 83.9 70.1
FV 83.6 69.0
VSAD 84.9 71.7

Note: The encoding method based on our scene_patchenet feature surpass human performance on sun397(68.5%).


we released the concise and effective feature for MIT indoor feature, it is notated as hybrid_PatchNet+VSAD in the paper which obtains 86.1 accuracy. You can use it as baseline or as complementary feature for further study.
acc on MIT dimension storage
86.1 100*256*2*2 1.9G


Our trained scene_patchnet and object_patchenet, the model is based on cudnn_v4, if your system is based on cudnn_v5, you can use the code below cudnn_v4 to cudnn_v5:

acc Top5
Object_patchnet_on_ImageNet: 85.3
Scene_patchnet_on_Places205: 82.7

They both take 128 * 128 patches as input.


  • mit_hybrid_vsad.mat -- you can use this feature as your baseline or to concatenate for further study, it is only 100*256*2*2 dimensions while performs 86.1 acc on MIT indoor, you can download from mit_hybrid_vsad.mat
  • extracting_feature_exmaple.m -- you can use this code as template to extract scene_patchnet_feature or object_patchnet_probability, for scene_patchnet_feature it is global average pool feature and for for object_patchnet_probability it is fully connnect feature with softmax function
  • for_encoder_scene67.mat -- serve as assist to your handle on MIT_indoor dataset, from vl_feat
  • for_encoder_sun397.mat -- serve as assist to your handle on sun397 dataset
  • mit_pca.mat -- our generated scene_patchnet_feature pca matrix for mit indoor, used in vsad_encoding_example.m
  • mit_vsad_codebook.mat -- our generated semantical codebook for mit_indoor, used in vsad_encoding_example.m
  • multi_crop.m -- dense crop as 10 * 10 grid, used in extracting_feature_example.m
  • object_selection_256.mat -- 256 objects selected from 1000(in ImageNet), applied to both MIT_indoor and SUN397
  • sun_pca.mat -- our generated scene_patchnet_feature pca matrix for sun397, used in vsad_encoding_example.m
  • sun_vsad_codebook.mat -- our generated semantical codebookfor sun397, used in vsad_encoding_example.m
  • vsad_encoding_example.m -- an example for VSAD encoding algorithm
  • vsad_encoding.m -- our developed VSAD encoding function
  • plot_mit_sun.m -- Plot the figure in the below of this page
  • xticklabel_rotate.m -- Serve for plot_mit_sun and rotate the text in the figure


1. Download code and model

2. Extract scene_net_feature and object_net_probability (extracting_feature_example.m, multi_crop.m)

3. VSAD encoding (vsad_encoding.m, vsad_encoding_example.m, mit_pca.mat, mit_vsad_codebook.mat, object_selection_256.mat)


Figure Plot for Reference

Alt text