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SimenB commented Feb 27, 2018

Sorta bad titlte, but I'd love to get a list of all toggles that are responding with 100% yes and are unchanged for the last 30 days. In that case, you can probably delete the toggle as it's not necesarry any more.

In the same vein, also exposing all toggles that has no metrics for the last 30 days would be great for the same use case.

Opening here instead of in unleash-frontend as I want to

XLNET句向量-相似度(text xlnet embedding),自然语言处理(nlp),闲聊机器人(检索式chatbot),BERT句向量-相似度(Sentence Similarity),文本分类(Text classification), 实体提取(ner,bert+bilstm+crf),数据增强(text augment enhance),同义句同义词生成,句子主干提取(mainpart),中文汉语短文本相似度,文本特征工程,keras-http-service调用

  • Updated Sep 20, 2019
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  • Python
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