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Project Computersystemen 2010-2011, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
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This is the source code for a small project for the class Computersystemen ("Computersystems") at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The project objective was to write a program in ASM such that it would compile with MASM 6.11 in DOSBox. The program's function was left up to the student, but every idea first had to be run by professor Joeri Barbarien.

This particular project had the idea of creating a graphical simulation of balls (represented as simple circles) bouncing across the screen. The deadline was early January 2011 and as such development stopped after that.


The following guideline assumes you have MASM installed and properly set up, meaning ml, nmake, link, ... are available in the path.

  1. Get the source by cloning the git repo into a directory your DOSBox setup can see.
  2. Open DOSBox and cd into the project directory
  3. Compile the project using nmake all
  4. Run START.EXE and follow the instructions on screen.
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