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This project aims to make a simulation of bouncing balls in MASM 6.11. It is a project for the class computer systems at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) by professor Joeri Barbarien. An important restriction of the project is that a lot of syntactic sugar macros like IF and the likes may not be used.

Technical overview of program progress

The program starts out with User-Interaction. After the begin values are set up by the user, the program makes sure the other necessary values are filled in. Eg random start position etc.

After this the program will start iterating over and over again, checking whether the user has entered a key, in which case the program terminates. Every iteration consists of the following:

  • Clear videobuffer
  • For every ball
    • Draw ball on the buffer (ball_draw)
    • Move ball for next iteration (ball_move)
  • Check for collisions (ball_bounce)
    • For every collision, update internals accordingly.
  • Copy the videobuffer onto the screen