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Mikro Assembler

Screenshot of Mikro Assembler interface


The Mikro Assembler is a cartridge for the Commodore 64/VIC 20, released by Supersoft in the early 1980s and written by Andrew J Trott. It offers a unique way to write assembly code, using line numbers like writing BASIC code. The cartridge allows users to LOAD, SAVE, and VERIFY their code to disk or tape, and it includes a machine code monitor called TIM.


The following items are available for download from this repository:



The following examples demonstrate how to use the Mikro Assembler:

You can download a disc image with the source code and assembled files for these examples from examples.d64.


This repository provides everything you need to get started with the Mikro Assembler, including downloads of the cartridge, manual, and example code. With the Mikro Assembler, you can write assembly code using a familiar BASIC-style interface and take advantage of its built-in machine code monitor. Try it out for yourself!