Dashing widget for displaying the status of a service that uses statuspage.io
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StatusPage.io Dashing Widget

A widget for Dashing to monitor the status of a service which uses the StatusPage.io service.

Incomplete list of services using StatusPage.io


  • Copy the contents of the widgets and jobs directories in to your dashing project

  • Edit your config.yml file (creating it if necessary), based on the example provided (config.yml.statuspageio-example)

    • Create a node for each service you wish to monitor, with the following parameters:
      • REQUIRED: uri is the path to index.json on the StatusPage.io status page of the service you are interested in. E.g. http://status.linode.com/index.json
      • OPTIONAL: components is an array of the names of components of the service that you are interested in. If it's empty or not set, all components will be used.
    • N.B. for backwards compatibility, providing only uri and components directly underneath :statuspageio:, a single nameless service will be created accessible with data-id="statuspageio".
  • Add the HTML to your dashboard based on the example in dashboards/statuspageio-example.erb, customising the data-id property corresponding to the name of the service in your config.yml, and the data-title to set the title of the widget. E.g.:

    <li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1">
       <div data-id="statuspageio_linode" data-view="Statuspageio" data-title="Linode"></div>


Screenshot of StatusPage.io Dashing Widget


  • Make the widget less ugly