JavaScript 248 78


Visual block syntax for programming languages

Updated Feb 17, 2016

forked from barryclark/jekyll-now

The Waterbear Jekyll Blog

Updated Dec 10, 2015

HTML 1 1


forked from DongZhang/notiFire

A simple library providing message notification, no jQuery needed!

Updated Jul 2, 2015

JavaScript 0 4


forked from kylepaulsen/NanoModal

A small, self-contained JavaScript modal library with some extra features.

Updated Mar 18, 2015


forked from terinjokes/StickerConstructorSpec

The Sticker Constructor Specification

Updated Apr 13, 2014

JavaScript 0 5


forked from EduMake/RPi-WaterbearNodeJS

A nodejs server which serves Waterbear from the RaspberryPi and provides a way for nodejs scripts to be uploaded and run.

Updated Feb 16, 2014

JavaScript 2 2


Run generated code in an iframe loaded from a separate domain for security

Updated Dec 30, 2013

JavaScript 0 6


forked from nko4/macambiras

Waterbear Playground: create ProcessingJS sketches with blocks

Updated Nov 11, 2013