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ATmega328PB Testing



Installation on Arduino IDE 1.8+

  1. Add the following URL to the Arduino Boards Manager (File->Preferences).
  2. Update the Arduino AVR Boards to version 1.6.22 or higher via the Boards Manager (Tools->Boards->Boards Manager).

  3. Install the ATmega328PB Boards via the Boards Manager (Tools->Boards->Boards Manager).

Further Infos

Known Issues

Timer 3+4 Output Compare

The output compare will only work if a 1 or 0 is written to the port register depending on the modulation. Futher infos here: and #29


ATmega328P and ATmega328PB have different thresholds for reset. This can be a problem when using a 5V power supply for the microcontroller and an USB serial adapter with 3.3V logic level on DTR.

  • Reset Input Threshold Voltage (read as 0/low):
    • ATmega328P: 2.1V @ Vcc=5V
    • ATmega328PB: 1.6V @ Vcc=5V

Crystal Oscillator

The ATmega328PB has no full-swing option for the oscillator.

History / Contributions

  • Patch v1.0.1 - Astrobeed, gpb01, PaoloP
  • avr-gcc 4.9.2 for linux64 - sabas1080
  • All Pull Requests...