@beregovoy68 beregovoy68 released this Nov 26, 2016 · 140 commits to master since this release

Important notice!

This release is for TESTNET ONLY. Mainnet version of the Lite client will be released soon!

0.4.4 (2016-11-25)

Completed migration to AngularJS 1.5.9
Introduced npm and bower for dependency management.
Created a core library to be reused in alternative clients (coming soon).
Implemented asset issue functionality by adding two new tabs: Portfolio and Tokens.


  • style: Fixed display of the dialog and buttons for asset transfer and confirmation (619a408)
  • style: Eliminated unnecessary line breaks on the create seed screen (ca4617e)
  • style: Revised hover effects on Portfolio table (dd056dc)
  • style: Created new set of CSS rules for the token creation tab (05ffc44)
  • style: Restyled elements on the Token Issuance area (6eff1fa)
  • style: Applied non resize-ability to seed field (573d8b0)
  • style: Fixed styling of the confirmation dialog on SEND WAVES. (6080f2a)
  • style: Balance amount in SEND WAVES dialog fix. (36f281e)
  • style: Created new class for all headers (bf255d6)
  • html: Eliminated .jurl element and adjusted GUI in consequence. (6e69889)
  • navigation: Slightly changed behavior of navigation icons. (4d24da2)
  • address: migrated copy address to clipboard feature for tables with transactions (6282cde)
  • address: remove 1W address prefix (8ab2ddd)
  • assets: add an asset details dialog (b57c154)
  • assets: add an asset transfer dialog (8234110)
  • assets: add asset reissue (9c98c0f)
  • assets: add controller stub for the asset issuance form (8e6cc03)
  • assets: add form for asset creation (16abbc6)
  • assets: asset transactions are displayed in transaction lists (d1ee486)
  • assets: complete asset transactions generation (a5a1878)
  • focus: add a directive for setting focus on default fields in forms (709a6fb)
  • login: new wallet name must be no longer than 16 chars (6bb34c0)
  • portfolio: add asset's attributes display (fb04bb7)
  • portfolio: asset listing on portfolio tab (a4fda81)
  • tooltips: migrate tooltips to a new directive - tooltipster (3b6e8c5)
  • wallet: prevent from accidentally send a single payment several times (6a8d9d2)

Bug Fixes

  • history: couldn't copy addresses in the transaction table (b90d042)
  • portfolio: reissue button was always enabled (79acf4c)
  • scrollbars: Attempt to re-establish the previous state on scrollable areas. (5f67d50)
  • style: remove account's outline which appeared on click (2f81a5f)
  • style: remove tab icon's border when it has focus (9aed4e6)
  • wallet: transfer transactions are correctly shown (9d6c6ce)
  • wallet: wallet dialog fee and amount validation fix (d572c14)

Performance Improvements

  • lists: added track by expression to improve list rendering performance (6b6606a)