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Waves Protocol is an all-encompassing ecosystem of innovative technologies advancing technological frontiers for the pioneering developers of tomorrow.


  1. Waves Public

    ⛓️ Reference Waves Blockchain Node (client) implementation on Scala

    Scala 1.2k 419

  2. signer Public

    TypeScript/JavaScript library for your web app for interacting with the Waves blockchain. Using Signer you can easily create and sign transactions.

    TypeScript 23 27

  3. Examples of scripts for accounts, dApps and assets using RIDE programming language.

    Scala 30 31

  4. gowaves Public

    Go implementation of Waves node, libraries and tools for Waves blockchain

    Go 71 27

  5. Your entry point to the Waves blockchain and Waves-powered web services

    TypeScript 45 42

  6. node-docker-image Public archive

    Docker Image for Waves Platform node. Supports MAINNET, TESTNET and CUSTOM networks.

    Python 4 9


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