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SimpleBot is a Python bot implementing a scalping trading strategy. It can work with any assets pair on the Waves DEX.

SimpleBot exploits small changes in currency prices: it buys at the mean price minus some step and sells at the mean price plus some step, in order to gain the bid/ask difference. It normally involves establishing and liquidating a position quickly, in this case within 15 seconds.

The SimpleBot with initial parameters trade on Waves-BTC pair (Waves is an amount asset and BTC is a price_asset). The spread mean price is (best_bid + best_ask) / 2. The price step is 0.5% from mean price. The SimpleBot place the buy order at price meanprice * (1 - price_step) and the amount (BTC_balance / bid_price) - order_fee. The sell order is placed at meanprice * (1 + price_step) and the amount equal to Waves_balance - order_fee.


SimpleBot requires Python 3.x and the following Python packages:

You can install them with

pip install pywaves
pip install configparser 

Getting Started

You can start SimpleBot with this command:

python config.cfg


Configuration file config.cfg have next set of parameters: node is the address of the fullnode

matcher is the matcher address

chain mainnet or testnet

order_fee is the fee to place buy and sell orders

order_lifetime is the maximum life time (in seconds) for an open order

private_key is the private key of the trading account

amount_asset and price_asset are the IDs of the traded assets pair

price_step is the step of scalping relative to the mean price (proportion)

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